android data binding

Android Data Binding Using Kotlin

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Introduction: Android Data binding is one of the hot topic among Android developers ever since its first launch in Mid 2015, helping to build the apps faster. This Article explains about the same, Data binding Library concept and how to use it in android using Kotlin. Data Binding not only supports in eliminating boilerplate code but also helps in faster …

java simpledateformat

Java SimpleDateFormat Example

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In Java SimpleDateFormat article we’ll see how to use java.text.SimpleDateFormat class, which provides methods to format date to string or parse string to date. The SimpleDateFormat is a class which inherits java.text.DateFormat class. Creating a SimpleDateFormat Instance:

The pattern String parameter used for parsing and formatting of dates. The Pattern Examples are given at the end of the article. Related Links: Java …

exception handling in java

Exception Handling in Java

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While coding, we may face few compile time errors because of incorrect syntax and those errors can be removed by re-correcting our syntax. Similarly, we may also come across Run-Time errors caused by exceptions and those errors also needed to be handled. Java provides us with an important feature that allows us to handle those run time exceptions. That feature …

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OOPS Concepts in Java

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In software development, we provide solutions to real life problems of people. Whereas, object oriented programming(OOP) is a programming technique which is inspired by real life objects, their properties and behaviors. Hence, arised this object oriented approach. Java is one of the programming languages, which uses this object oriented paradigm. This article gives a brief overview of OOPS concepts in Java. …

Android localhost connection using XAMPP / Django server

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Sometimes we want to see how our app behaves locally before taking it live.This Tutorial is all about Android localhost connection using XAMPP server. Here, I’ll use my Newscrisp App which i’ve created recently for demonstration. Newscrisp uses Retrofit Library for Networking. Initially download XAMPP server version according to your operating system in order to setup android localhost. In this tutorial, I will use …