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Android Unit testing #1 – Writing a simple Unit Test using Robolectric

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Android Unit Testing: Unit Testing is considered as the most professional and disciplined way of writing an elegant code across the software industry. Yet even many developers tend to skip writing unit tests as they are time consuming. When properly written, unit tests provide lots of advantages and helps reduce the build generation times to a great extent in the …

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Android RecyclerView using Kotlin

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Android Recyclerview is not new to us but Kotlin programming Language is. In fact, we’ve already discussed in our previous article about RecyclerView and CardView Implementation creating a very interesting project “SongBoard” where we’ve created new . In this tutorial of Android RecyclerView using Kotlin, we will be focusing on how to create a RecyclerView and declaring RecyclerAdapter using Kotlin …

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How to Read a File in Kotlin

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In this article we will look about how to read a file in Kotlin Programming language, whether it is a text file, or a raw json file, from assets folder of our Android Studio Project. What we are going to achieve: Our intention in this article is simple, to fetch a local json file into a string using Kotlin Programming …

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RxAndroid Example – RxAndroid Tutorial #2

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In this RxAndroid Example Tutorial, we will continue our previous topic on RxAndroid tutorial‘s Getting started where we discussed about the basics of RxJava 2 and RxAndroid and its uses. Now, we are going to integrate the RxAndroid in our Project and write a simple Android Project which shows how to declare an Observable, Observer and subscribe to the Observable …

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RxAndroid Tutorial #1 – Getting started with Reactive Extensions in Android

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RxAndroid Tutorial Intro: Reactive extensions usage is the current hottest trend in most programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Swift etc. Rx Android is the reactive extension for Android which is built on top of RxJava with minimum classes addition to it which makes it easier to add for Android Projects. This¬†RxAndroid Tutorial is to help understand the usage of Reactive …