Android Layouts

Android Layouts and Types of Android Layouts

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Android Layouts: A Layout dictates the alignment of widgets (such as Text, Buttons, EditText box) as we see in the Android Application. All the visual structure we see in an android app is designed in a Layout. Every Layout is defined in an xml file which is located in App > res > Layout in New Android Studio. In this …

test android app on emulator

How to Test Android App on Emulator and setting up Android Virtual Device in New Android Studio

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In this article we are going to learn how to set up and configure AVD (Android Virtual Device) and How to test Android App on Emulator. An Android Emulator is simply a software that duplicates the functions of an Android Device. To test Android App on a real device, refer to How to Test Android App using a Real Device discussed in our previous article. Now, let us …

Getting Started with Android Development: Installing Android Studio and Creating Your First basic Project

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Android Technology is becoming increasingly popular day by day, even after 7 years of its release. Ever since its release in 2008, Android OS users are increasing in an explosive rate, thanks to its Open source Technology and its millions of apps available from Play Store making life easier for many users. Learning Android Development always benefits developers as it is the …