FirebaseUI Android Example using Firebase Database – Getting Started With Firebase Android

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FirebaseUI android was introduced very recently by Google. According to Google, FirebaseUI is a library that allows developers to build native Mobile Apps quickly with Firebase by binding common UI views to Firebase references or queries. Currently FirebaseUI android supports ListViews, GridViews, and RecyclerViews. In this example, we will Integrate Realtime Firebase Database to our Recyclerview using Firebase UI so that the …


How to Install GenyMotion – A Fast and Easy to Use Android Emulator with many Features

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How to use GenyMotion as Android Emulator: Ever felt that android emulator is slow? Ever felt that emulator is not not as good as Real Device? If so GenyMotion may be for you. GenyMotion is simply a Virtual Android Emulator but with more features and much more faster than Android Studio’s Emulator. Advantages of Genymotion: Its Faster to start, easier …

How to Import Eclipse Project into Android Studio

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Releasing the Stable Version of Android Studio in December 2014, Google has announced that Android Studio is now the Official IDE for Android. It has removed Android ADT Bundle and replaced it with Stable Android Studio Version. Now as the latest IDE Updates will be available only to Android Studio, the users had to migrate their projects from Eclipse to Android …