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Create Android app for Website/ Blog using WebView in New Android Studio

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How to create Android app for website using WebView:

With a steep increase of Mobile users, many of website owners are now creating an android app for their website. This helps in increasing their user database. In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a basic android app for your website using WebView in android. We will use New Android Studio to create this project. Make sure that your website is crafted for Responsive Web Design in order for this tutorial to work.

If you are using a WordPress or any other CMS (Content Management System), make sure you are using a responsive theme. Now Get ready to create your own Android app for your Website!

The complete code to create android app for website can be cloned / downloaded from the link attached below:

Click Here to Download

Create Android App for Website:

create android app for website

Requirements and Recommended Tutorials for this article:

To Create Android App, first you need to know following requirements:

  1. How to implement a splash screen for your Android Project.
  2. How to create android Project using Android Studio.
  3. A Responsive Website.
  4. A little bit of Java.

Steps for Creating Android App for your Website using WebView:

  1. Create a New Android Project and Name it any thing you want. Here I am Creating an Android App for this Website, So I am naming it as CodeRefer. We have already discussed about Creating Android Project in our Previous articles, I will just go briefly.
  2. Now select minimum SDK. I am selecting minimum SDK as API 10. Select Blank Activity > Next> Finish. I am leaving the names of activity and xml file as per default name. This completes creating Android Project.
  3. Now you can Implement the Splash Screen. We have discussed about how to implement a splash screen in our previous article.
  4. Now open Main from Project Name > app > src > main > java > MainActivity
  5. Now type the following code:

    Here you need to specify which url to load in WebView’s loadUrl Just type your web address there. Here I am using my website url : for which I want to design app for.

    We now edit activity_main.xml by clicking text tab and paste the following code to display progressbar and to display your website after it is fetched:

  6. Make sure you added Internet permission for your manifest. If not add this piece of code in your manifest:

    Now you can run your app to display your Website, but here is the problem: When you click on any link on your website, it opens your mobile browser instead of showing the link in your app. We need to make sure that any link opens in the app itself.

    To make any link to work in the app itself, replace the code with the following in

  7. Here we additionally setup WebViewClient to display any link in the app itself and we also overrided onKeyDown method to implement WebView’s goBack Method. We used onBackPressed Method to display Exit Dialog if user presses back key from the specified URL.

  8. Now you can change the launcher icons by replacing the icons in mipmap folders generally located at C:\Users\username\AndroidStudioProjects\CodeRefer\app\src\main\res. To generate icon pack you can use this link.

Your basic mobile App for your Website is now ready! Leave your comments below if there are any queries.

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