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OOPS Concepts in Java

Sushma Baliza Java 0 Comments

In software development, we provide solutions to real life problems of people. Whereas, object oriented programming(OOP) is a programming technique which is inspired by real life objects, their properties and behaviors. Hence, arised this object oriented approach. Java is one of the programming languages, which uses this object oriented paradigm. This article gives a brief overview of OOPS concepts in Java. …

Android localhost connection using XAMPP / Django server

Sushma Baliza Android 0 Comments

Sometimes we want to see how our app behaves locally before taking it live.This Tutorial is all about Android localhost connection using XAMPP server. Here, I’ll use my Newscrisp App which i’ve created recently for demonstration. Newscrisp uses Retrofit Library for Networking. Initially download XAMPP server version according to your operating system in order to setup android localhost. In this tutorial, I will use …

android parcelable

Android Parcelable example – Passing Objects via Bundle!

Vamsi Tallapudi Android 0 Comments

In this article, we are going to look at Android Parcelable example by passing objects via bundle between activities and fragments. Although there are no prerequisites for this tutorial, here I am going to take the Movie Board project that we’ve been building in our previous posts and implement Parcelable to it and pass the objects via bundle. The completed project …