RxJava create Operators – Operators for Creating Observables – RxJava Tutorial #4

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In this article we will discuss about various RxJava create operators in depth with examples. Here we will discuss how to create Observables using various operators like Create, From, Just, Differ, etc. This article is part of RxJava Intro series. You can checkout the entire series here: RxAndroid Introduction RxAndroid Example – RxJava Tutorial #2 RxJava Operators In General – …

rxjava operators

RxJava Operators In General – RxJava Tutorial #3

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RxJava Operators in General In this article, we will continue discussing about RxJava Operators in general and what are the various types of RxJava Operators available. This article will be a brief introduction focusing on what are RxJava Operators and What are the types of Operators available in RxJava that we can use. In the following upcoming articles, we will …

binary search

Binary Search using Kotlin – Searching Algorithms #1

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In this article, let us discuss one more Algorithm – Binary Search which is the most frequently asked Algorithms during Interviews. Let us discuss about it in brief and how to implement its algorithm using Kotlin Programming Language. According to Wikipedia, A Binary Search is a search algorithm that finds the position of a target value within a sorted array. The …

hackland election

HackLand Election – Coding Interview Questions #1

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This series will be focused on Coding interview questions curated from various interviews / via online source. ”  Hackland Election There are n citizens voting in this year’s Hackland election. Each voter writes the name of their chosen candidate on a ballot and places it in a ballot box. The candidate with the highes number of votes win the election; if two or …