rx android tutorial

RxAndroid Tutorial #1 – Getting started with Reactive Extensions in Android

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RxAndroid Tutorial Intro: Reactive extensions usage is the current hottest trend in most programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Swift etc. Rx Android is the reactive extension for Android which is built on top of RxJava with minimum classes addition to it which makes it easier to add for Android Projects. This RxAndroid Tutorial is to help understand the usage of Reactive …

android multi language support

Android Multi Language Support Tutorial With Example

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Android is the Most used Mobile Platform across the world. With more than 2 Billion+ active users per month, and a Share of 87.1% market share of the total Mobile Devices used worldwide, Android has a wide range of users from different regions which truely requires the feature of Android Multi Language Support. To reach out to wide range of …

java simpledateformat

Java SimpleDateFormat Example

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In Java SimpleDateFormat article we’ll see how to use java.text.SimpleDateFormat class, which provides methods to format date to string or parse string to date. The SimpleDateFormat is a class which inherits java.text.DateFormat class. Creating a SimpleDateFormat Instance:

The pattern String parameter used for parsing and formatting of dates. The Pattern Examples are given at the end of the article. Related Links: Java …

exception handling in java

Exception Handling in Java

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While coding, we may face few compile time errors because of incorrect syntax and those errors can be removed by re-correcting our syntax. Similarly, we may also come across Run-Time errors caused by exceptions and those errors also needed to be handled. Java provides us with an important feature that allows us to handle those run time exceptions. That feature …

android sharedpreferences

Android SharedPreferences Example – Android Storage Types Tutorial #1

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Android SharedPreferences provides an easy and efficient way to store data in the form of Key value pairs in Android. Unlike other storage options whose setup is a bit complex, SharedPreferences provides an easy way to read and write data into a file. What are SharedPreferences? SharedPreferences are just key value pairs which are stored in an xml file. If …