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How to Add a Background Image for Flutter App


Adding a background image instantly makes our app’s UI look from zero to hero. In this article, we will discuss about how we can add a background image for Flutter App in 3 Simple steps.

1. Adding Image to our project

First we will be creating a folder named images in the root directory of our project. Let the folder name be images. We will be adding the respective image to this folder. In this example, I added bg.png to images folder.

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2. Declaring Assets

Now we need to declare that this new images folder must be included as assets in pubspec.yaml file as shown in the image below.

3. Adding the required code

Now lets see the required code to Add a Background Image for Flutter App. In order to display background image along the body, we will take help of BoxDecoration class.

return Scaffold(
body: Container(
// Adding bg.png as a background image to this Container
decoration: BoxDecoration(
image: DecorationImage(
image: AssetImage("images/bg.png"),
fit: BoxFit.cover,

view raw


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We will use BoxDecoration() for declaring the decoration. This BoxDecoration takes image parameter. We will be assigning DecorationImage() object to it.

DecorationImage will take an image as parameter. Here will be declaring AssetImage as it is containing in our images folder. If we want to fetch it from Network, we will be declaring NetworkImage. Next, We will be adding fit as BoxFit.cover to show the image as full screen in Flutter.

Now we can see a beautiful image being added to our Flutter app’s background as shown below:

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