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Android Upload file to server using PHP, MySQL

In this Android Upload File to Server tutorial, we are going to discuss about how to select a file in android and upload it...


Binary Tree Traversals in Kotlin – PreOrder, InOrder and PostOrder Traversals

Binary Tree Traversals are most common Tree Problems in an Interview as well as Competitive Programming. They can be efficient while searching, inserting and...

Using Static Factory Methods – Learning Effective Java Item 1

In this series, we will learn how to apply concepts of highly popular Java book, Effective Java, 2nd Edition. In the first article, we...


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Higher Order Functions in Kotlin with examples

There are many advanced features in Kotlin which gives an edge for the user using this language over Java. One such feature is Higher...
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Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock – Day 7 | 100 Days of Code

Welcome to Day 7 of 100 Days of Code where today we solve yet another most frequently asked easy array problem called - Best...


Android Multi Language Support Tutorial With Example

Android is the Most used Mobile Platform across the world. With more than 2 Billion+ active users per month, and a Share of 87.1%...

How to Read a File in Kotlin

In this article we will look about how to read a file in Kotlin Programming language, whether it is a text file, or a...

Android Custom Font For Entire Application using Android Studio

In this Android custom font article, we will look at how to apply custom font for the entire Application. Here I am taking the project...

How to Test Android App on Real Devices like Android Mobile or Tablet using Android Studio

In the Previous Article We have Discussed about How To Install Android Studio and Running your First Basic App. We now Discuss in detail...

Java SimpleDateFormat Example

In Java SimpleDateFormat article we'll see how to use java.text.SimpleDateFormat class, which provides methods to format date to string or parse string to date. The SimpleDateFormat is...
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SQL JOIN SQL Join is one of the most frequently asked topics asked in interviews. Now a days, database operations are very common while dealing with...
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