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Top 5 Software Courses to land into Highest Paying Jobs - CodeRefer Blog
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Top 5 Software Courses to land into Highest Paying Jobs

Top 5 Software Courses to land into Highest Paying Jobs

The software industry has been emerging as a big player in recent decades. It is the second most active contributor of the economy after Medical Field after Covid-19. Learning right course at right time can be able to help land in highest paying jobs and change our life style. Here are the Top 5 software courses that you can learn right now from the market to help landing in your dream job.

1. Data Science

If you have seen a Weather prediction app or a AI app which suggests you new videos or articles based on your previous search history, you have seen Data Science in Action.

A Data Scientist analyses the data to find common patterns or trends that would help in making predictions or more informed 5 software courses #1 data science

They would be responsible for developing algorithms and training the models that were designed based on those Algorithms. Organisations often find them useful to see if they can generate additional income as they can find relevant content for their clients based on their previous use history or habits.

Skills required for a Data Scientist are knowledge of programming languages such as Python, R, SQL, etc. followed by frameworks like TensorFlow, etc. With the current trend in the market, Data Science and Machine Learning stands at first in top 5 software courses.

The average pay for a Data Scientist is $142,000 per year.

There are numerous resources available from number of websites. Here are some of the links for learning Data Science course that you can learn:

Machine Learning, Data Science and Deep Learning with Python Course for as low as ₹ 420

Upgrad Course on Data Science 

Useful Links:

Python Interview Questions and Answers

2.Big data

With the increase of huge amount of raw data, there are lots of information to be processed for decision making, innovation and strategies. So companies recognised the power of leveraging this data and are ready to pay well for these skills.

top 5 software courses #2 - Big data

Big data engineers usually have  expertise in mathematics and databases. The average salary (or median national salary) for big data engineers is $139,000.

3. Mobile Apps Development

Now a days, mobile has become part of everyone’s life and we heavily rely on different types of mobile apps to cater our daily needs. Literally there are all types of apps – ecommerce, social networking, gaming, utility, etc.

top 5 software courses #3 - Mobile Apps development

People who knows mobile app development are in demand now a days. Usually for Android development, it is sufficient to know Java and Kotlin. For iOS development, we need to learn Swift programming Language.

Average salary for Mobile application developer per year is $126869

Here is the link to learn mobile app development courses:top 5 software courses #1 data science

4. Data security

Security comes as top priority when it comes to Banking, Finance and many other major sectors related to software. Cyber security experts helps companies develop a hack proof products so that the people can use their software safely.

Data security analysts have knowledge computer and network security, including firewall administration, encryption technologies, etc.

Data security Analysts have large demand and their average salary is $134,000.

You can start learning about cyber security here:

Start & Grow Your Successful Career in Cyber Security

5. Blockchain

With the recent evolution of crypto currency like Bitcoin, Blockchain became the mostly talked technology in the software industry. While its use cases go far beyond virtual currency, Blockchain technology could change the way that ensures privacy and ownership of data as it is hard to tamper with. Transactions are secure, private and efficient.

Average salary of Blockchain developers per year is – $157,893

If you are new to coding, here is the best website to learn coding which contains various courses that you can join:

Codecademy Pro


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